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    Juvia’s Place Warrior Eyeshadow Palettes Review

    Since turning thirty, I’ve been on a more concerted mission to level up my appearance. From revamping my wardrobe, to making sure that my skin & makeup are on point, I’ve been doing the work. So when Juvia’s Place had a 50% off sale on their eyeshadow palettes, I had to grab a few. By a few, I mean three. In conjunction with their sale, I also received an Ulta gift card that allowed me to purchase a third pallet (not at 50% off though :() I first learned of Juvia’s Place from a few makeup channels on Youtube video. The brand was mostly promoted by women of color, as…

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    Fall Pattern Picks + Fashion Inspiration

    It’s hard to believe that in a few days it will officially be Fall. That’s means it’s time to talk fall fashion! I don’t care that Starbucks has had Pumpkin Spice Latte since last month, it’s not quite scarf season yet.? Like many of you, I was able to catch Joann’s pattern sales to grab some of the new Fall releases. Much like Summer, though, I wasn’t overwhelmingly impressed. I purchased exponentially more patterns around this time last year, so that’s an indication of the selection. Nonetheless, the patterns that I did pick were right on the money for my style. Here are my Fall 2018 pattern picks, along with my style…

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    Starting all Over with Sewing

    I’m starting over. I first learned to sew from my grandmother. She taught me all about buying patterns and the basics of using a sewing machine and hand sewing. Everything else, I’ve learned on my own through trial and error and the help of YouTube. Though recently I haven’t been sewing as much while I built my other business, GirlTalkwithFo, I have attempted to make a few garments. I use the word “attempted” because to me, they were epic fails. McCall M7774 Pattern The first was the M7774 pattern that I chose as one of my picks from being a winner in the #RoyalWeddingSewAlong contest. Aside from being short on…