I’m starting over.

I first learned to sew from my grandmother. She taught me all about buying patterns and the basics of using a sewing machine and hand sewing. Everything else, I’ve learned on my own through trial and error and the help of YouTube.

Though recently I haven’t been sewing as much while I built my other business, GirlTalkwithFo, I have attempted to make a few garments.

I use the word “attempted” because to me, they were epic fails.

Follow me as I chronicle my journey of learning to sew all over again. Beginner sewing blog. Learn how to dew DIY fashion.

McCall M7774 Pattern

The first was the M7774 pattern that I chose as one of my picks from being a winner in the #RoyalWeddingSewAlong contest. Aside from being short on fabric and having to make accommodations for it, I have a ton of other mishaps that I’ve yet to undo.

The thought of basically having to rip seams through most of the dress is too daunting to bare. Instead, I’ve been letting this unfinished dress just hang on the back of my chair until I build up my confidence.

McCall M7683 Pattern

The second is the M7683 pattern. This ridiculously easy make somehow seemed to still escape my grasp. Not only did I cut way too large in the bodice, but for some reason, I also had trouble with blind stitching and matching seams.

To say that I’ve been disappointed is an understatement. But both of these experiences have taught me one thing: I need to get back to the basics.

Why I Started Sewing

I’ve been sewing since Dec 2016. I started because I was tired of being unable to find clothes that fit my body or just not finding things that I liked.

While walking through Joann’s (for who knows what), I stumbled across some of MimiG’s patterns and immediately thought, “Wow! She looks like me.” I figured that she’s a woman of color with curves, so her patterns must work for my body type. After finding her on Instagram and literally stalking her work, I decided to dive head first into sewing.

The engineer in me loves to just figure things out. So after a few videos going over the basics, I decided to take off on my own– trying patterns well beyond my skill level and really just figuring things out.

Though the ambition is admirable, I skipped over many basic skills along the way. So now, after two failed projects that have really gotten to me, I’m starting over.

This time, though, I’m not doing it alone. Instead, I’ve decided to enroll in Mimi G’s Sew It! Academy.

I’ll be honest, since Mimi launched the academy, I’ve been on the fence about enrolling. But, I finally made the decision that my skills were worth honing and that I needed to invest in becoming better. I believe that you can’t complain about something that you’re unwilling to do something about. So I did something about it.

You can’t complain about something that you’re unwilling to do something about.

I’m looking forward to the classes specifically on pants fitting and swimwear. These are both things that I’ve attempted before and haven’t been successful at. This time, I’ll get to have someone walk me through it, which will allow me to learn visually while doing.

I’m truly excited about having a sewing teacher at the click of a button. I’m even more excited that it really didn’t even cost much. (Shhhh I grabbed a deal for less than $10/month!)

So, as I start over with sewing, I’m also starting over with this blog! Of course, I’ll be sharing my makes as I progress through the academy, but I’ll also be sharing more fashion inspiration and life stuff. I want to bring this blog back to its former glory and beyond!

Things are going to be shaking up around here, so stay tuned! More importantly, thanks for still rocking with me as I navigated life’s intricacies. ?

PS- It’s ok for you to start over too.

Comment below and let me know if you’re apart of Sew It! Academy. I’d love to connect with you!