It’s hard to believe that in a few days it will officially be Fall. That’s means it’s time to talk fall fashion!

I don’t care that Starbucks has had Pumpkin Spice Latte since last month, it’s not quite scarf season yet.?

Like many of you, I was able to catch Joann’s pattern sales to grab some of the new Fall releases. Much like Summer, though, I wasn’t overwhelmingly impressed. I purchased exponentially more patterns around this time last year, so that’s an indication of the selection.

Nonetheless, the patterns that I did pick were right on the money for my style. Here are my Fall 2018 pattern picks, along with my style inspiration for the season.

Fall Fashion Inspiration


Surprisingly, where I wasn’t impressed with Simplicity releases during the Spring & Summer, they really impressed me with their pre-Fall/Fall selections. Though I only picked up three patterns from their new releases during the $1.99 sale, there are a few that have my attention.

Mimi G Style Simplicity 8749

So, let’s not pretend like we didn’t know that Mimi was going to come out with a banger this season. The 8749 look is EVERYTHING! I’m even more confident about it now that I’m enrolled in Sew It! Academy, with its pant fitting and blazer course. Simplicity 8749 is my number one pick for the Fall.  

Mimi G Style Simplicity 8702

 I’ll admit that the color scheme did it for me with the 8702 pattern. Again, another beautiful piece by Mimi and one that I’m excited to make. I’m just glad that she has a sew along to accompany it. In the spirit of working out and having a comfortable make, I’m also excited about this next pattern….  

Simplicity 8698

 I’m a sweatpants and hoodie type of girl when the weather cools down and I thought that the 8698‘s were super cute. I’m sure that I’ll have to make a full butt adjustment, but that’s better than buying cute sweats that don’t fit!

I’ll give an honorable mention to Mimi’s Simplicity 8690 shift dress pattern. Although I think that it’s super cute, shift dresses are just not my thing. I look forward to seeing what you all make with it, though! 


If you’ve been around the blog for a while, then you know that I’m the ultimate McCall Pattern girl. Their designs are always on trend and, typically, easy to make. So to not be able to find many patterns that I liked for the Fall was heart breaking. In fact, of all the new releases, I only fell in love with…one.  

McCall M7834

The M7834 was by far my favorite of their new releases. The cool thing is that it has variations that you can be used for the cooler months as well. That’s a plus! I haven’t picked it up just yet, but you can bet when the McCall patterns are on sale, I’ll be picking it up. 


Though I have a few Vogue patterns in my stash, they’re usually the last to be sewn up. In my opinion, Vogue patterns are not your everyday wear fashion. So, because I have few occasions to dress up for, sewing their patterns would literally just be for the sake of sewing.

Not saying that anything is wrong with that; however, I’d like to spend my time more wisely. I was able to find one pattern from their new releases that seemed like a more reasonable make for me. But quite honestly, only the sleeves lured me in.

I’m sure I have other patterns that mimic this bodice. The pattern that I’m referring to, and will be purchasing later is the V9325.

Vogue V9325

 I’ll honest, going forward, I’ll be doing my pattern shopping a little differently. My new mission will be to find patterns that match style inspiration that I’ve been pinning on my Pinterest board.