“Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back” should probably be playing in the background right about now. I feel like I’ve been away from the blog for forever!! Nonetheless, I’m back with my Spring sewing pattern picks.

So let me ask, how have you been??  

It seems like everyone in the sewing community has taken a bit of a sabbatical these past few weeks and I’m not exempt.

2018 really kicked us all into gear and I’m seeing more women in this space go after their dreams. We’ve seen more pattern companies come out the community as well as some other entrepreneurial ventures. I couldn’t be more happy for anyone who’s chasing their dream, because I assure you that I’m doing the same.  

But, chasing your dream doesn’t come without a bit of sacrifice. Mine has been in the form of sewing. My sewing machine hasn’t been touched since my last make and my sewing room is the cleanest it’s ever been. Now that’s a miracle. Yet, I know that once I get a few systems up and going, I’ll be back here full throttle.  

So you may be wondering exactly what I’ve been up to. Well, if you haven’t been keeping up with me on social media, here’s the skinny:

So there really hasn’t been any time left for sewing whatsoever! If anything, every free hour has been reading a book to get away from technology or napping. But trust me, I’m not complaining one bit. These are the things that I have prayed and worked for. If you didn’t catch my last blog, I’m on a journey of entrepreneurship and I’m making the most out of every opportunity that I have.  

But on to the purpose of this blog…my 2018 Spring Sewing Pattern Picks.

Check out my sewing pattern picks for this season. Vogue, Simplicity, McCall, Simplicity and more! DIY Fashion Sewing pattern picks.

Ok ladies (and gents), I’ll be honest with you… I was not impressed by the spring pattern releases. OI said it and there are no take backs! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was definitely more. I literally scoured the Big 4 (Simplicity, McCall, Butterick, Vogue) sites wanting to like what I saw, but I really didn’t.

Ultimately, I came up with a few from McCall that I liked. Quite honestly, the more that I’m disappointed by these releases, the more eager I am to start drafting my own patterns. (We’ll see where that’ll fit into my schedule).  

I’ll admit that I am biased to McCall patterns. I just find more fashionable items with them. That isn’t to say that I won’t purchase any of the others, because I have. It’s just that when I’m on the hunt for something fashionable and easy to make, McCall always comes through. About 85% of my pattern stash is McCall for that very reason. So, it was no different when I was looking for my spring pattern picks. McCall ultimately got my coins….again.

Pick 1: McCall M7728

Listen Linda, I’m all the way here for this jumpsuit pattern! If anything, this should have been on the fa-ront of their spring advertisement, but this gem was hidden among the prom, evening, and bridal patterns. Who would think to look there? Well, I stumbled across it and let out a resounding, “Yassss!” This is definitely going to be fun to make. I’ve made a romper before, but this will be my first jumpsuit. It’s giving me Erica Bunker vibes, so I’ll definitely be checking out her blog for some inspiration and tips.  

Pick 2: McCall M7757

Now this pattern gave me all the southern feels. It’s probably the big hat, but I thought that the styling of this pattern was cute. Let’s be real though, I will not be wearing my stomach out. When I purchased it, I knew that I’d be extending the bodice and, if anything, only showing a little skin to say it’s spring. The irony of it all is that I actually have a love hate relationship with sleeveless and off the shoulder tops, but in the spirit of stepping out of comfort zones, I’ll give this one a try.

Pick 3: McCall M7719

This pattern sold me with the fabric on the model. What can I say, I’m a sucker for nice fabric. Ultimately, I knew that I would be able to make use of this pattern with all the weddings that I have to attend this year. This is another one of McCall’s mix and match piece patterns, similar to M7654 that I haven’t used yet. I’m loving the 3 and 5 piece combination used on the model to the right.  

Pick 4: McCall M7753

I’ll admit that I was on the fence about purchasing this pattern. Mostly because I thought it wasn’t very unique, outside of View D. Flounce tops have and will always be in style, which is the only reason I purchased this pattern– hacking! Aside from that, I will definitely be creating View D in a gingham fabric. I think it’ll pair nicely with some white bottoms. I’m also considering maybe making a dress out of it *creative juices flowing*

Honorable mentions:

McCall M7683

Let’s just give a round of applause to the model slaying in this photo. *3 snaps* Although she really sold this pattern for me, I don’t have a use for it right now. So, I’ll probably keep it on my list to purchase at a later date during another pattern sale. Simplicity 8609 I’ll give this one an honorable mention because the fabric choice for the ensemble was on point; however, this pattern really is just a box pleat skirts and knit tops with very minute variations. Ultimately, I didn’t think that it was worth the buy when I can just DIY it from the plethora of YouTube tutorials.  

So, after being disappointed in the selection from this spring, I decided to look into my stash to see what I’ll be pulling out. Here are my top picks that I’ll be using from last year:  

M7574, view D in denim – This pattern is definitely made for stretch knit, so I’d have to make it work with denim. Definitely no harm in giving it a try.  

M7627, view B – This was a make that I did in collaboration with Tee of MaggieElaine DIY. My original make was in view C; however, I’ve wanted to make the top as well. Slight problem– the bodice of my make was too big, so hopefully I can make the appropriate modifications for it to fit in View B.  

Ok! So those are my 2018 spring pattern picks. I’ll be making these, among some other patterns, to include in my collections that I’ll be working on throughout the remainder of the year.

Comment below and let me know what your spring pattern picks are!

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  1. Girl you are not the only one who was not excited by the recent pattern releases… I am totally over the sleeve trend… off shoulder and exposed shoulder look… So the only pattern I'll get are M7750 and maybe M7754… Will be waiting for the summer releases!

  2. Definitely hoping for better this summer. M7750 is cute. I looked at that one, but I wasn't completely sold on it. M7754 definitely look like they'll be interesting to make. Can't wait to see yours. You know you're the jean queen!

  3. Hi
    I purchased McCall's
    7745, 7750, 7752, 7755
    I thought these were great
    Spring Outfits to Sew.
    Renee G