Now that Valentine’s Day is over, I thought I’d reveal my make for the special day. I can’t believe that I’ve been sewing for a year now and I’ve just made a little black dress.

When I decided to make a dress for the special day, I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do. One thing was for sure though, I’d be making it with stretch velvet. Last year, I failed with this fabric, but this year I was determined to conquer it. Conquer it I did. I was prepared with a walking foot and an easy, quick pattern.

After some contemplation, I decided on the M7047 pattern. I just didn’t have the bandwidth to try to play around with drafting my own pattern. I felt that this pattern would give me the look that I was going for. The only modification that I made was drafting my own skirt. I wanted to ensure that it was fitted all the way down and not flared as shown on the pattern.

I’ve mentioned before that I need to go down a size, so for this bodice I cut out a size 14. This change in size was perfect and I’ll continue to buy smaller. I really enjoyed the versatility of the cowl neck. I could place it anyway that I chose and still get a very chic look.

I’ll be honest… I didn’t actually wear this dress on Valentine’s Day. I actually wore this to the formal dinner that was apart of a marriage conference that we attended. I paired it with some $8 shoes from Target that hurt like all get out! Needless to say, I kicked them off real quick when it was time to hit the dance floor. #NeverAgain.

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  1. I'm so glad you conquered the stretch velvet! Learning to use the attachments for your machine will vastly improve your skills. As far as the shoes…your mama taught you better. LOL! Next time, go to Belk's or Shoe Warehouse and check the clearance.

  2. Lol!! The shoes were so cute and fine when I tried them on. But AS SOON as I went to go walking…no ma’am. Lesson learned. You get what you pay for and cute ain’t always comfortable.

  3. You are so pretty and your eyes are just GORGEOUS!! You look so glam and the back of the dress is stunning. 😉 x x x