I am finally glad to showcase my latest make, the Vogue V8825. This dress is one of my two makes from the month of January. This is also my second Vogue make, albeit an easy one; however, I do have a few more that I have planned for later in the year for some upcoming weddings.
One recent issue that I am experiencing is sizing. I guess I should be happy to say that I need to go down a couple of sizes. As you may (or may not) notice in these pictures, the bodice is a bit big on me. Nonetheless, I think the make came out pretty well. Outside of cutting a small size, I’d do a better job of gathering the sleeves. I had some issues with the right sleeve gathering such that it was more fitted around my wrist.
The Vogue patterns do a great job of insuring that the interior of the garment looks just a nice as the exterior, so I’m very proud of this garment’s interior. After completing this dress, I actually checked out the pattern on Vogue’s website and wished I had seen the live model before. The model used a much lighter fabric that I feel is more fitting for the make. I chose to use a heavier knit fabric from Joann. The pictures render a much light blue color; however, it is really a navy blue.
I’m undecided if I’ll make this dress again, but it is definitely an easy make that will have great results. What do you think?

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  1. You did an amazing job. Although the bodice is a bit big, it looks great. I've marked you as one of my sewing inspirations. I've been dabbling for a while now, blog in progress also.