When I say the struggle was real yesterday, it was real! Here’s the skinny…

I typically take my blog pictures on Sunday afternoon, because I where my makes to church. (I like to be efficient). Well, yesterday, it decided to rain, so I didn’t get any pictures. I did, however, still do a review of my latest make on YouTube. If you watch until the end, you’ll see more of my struggle with filming and lighting. It literally took 3 attempts to get this video up yesterday. It was just a crazy day! Those of you on my Instagram got to see it unfold real time on my stories.

Nonetheless, the video is now live. So do me a favor by watching and liking it so that I know my struggle wasn’t in vain. LOL

Check out the video below and look for pictures next week.

PS – Help me reach my goals of 1,500 YouTube subscribers and 1K Instagram followers (@FoAlexanderDIY) by Jan. 31. I’m so close!