The cold has swept through the southeast and we are feeling it! In my last post/video, I said that I’d be making my coat patterns as a result and this is the first them.

This poncho was inspired by one of Mimi G’s latest posts on Instagram. You can check out the video to get details on why I decided to make it and my fabric choice.

Although my plan was to sew view C with the View A waist belt, I ended up sewing View D. After looking at the pattern again, I decided that this view was actually more of what I wanted, not to mention that it was also super easy and quick to make. In lieu of putting in a belt loop hole, I just put a waist belt on, tucking the front panel underneath it.

As for underneath… I wore this poncho with a black, long sleeve basics dress that I purchased from H&M years ago. I paired it with some black tights from Target and my favorite (yet old and need to be replaced) booties from Bebe.

I can’t stress how easy this pattern is to make. It’s really just a matter of hemming all of the edges and, in the case of view D, setting in the neckband. As the pattern advertised, it took only about 1-hr to complete this make. Therefore, I’d definitely recommend it for beginners. I’ll also be making it again in another fabric and (maybe) view.

Side note: This last picture is sheerly to show off my legs and that I’ve been getting it with my Insanity workouts! LOL You can follow my journey on my 2nd Instagram page, @GirlTalkwithFo.

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