There’s nothing like a quick and easy make to round off your weekend. This Vogue V9264 was exactly that…quick and easy. In fact, it’s one of Vogue’s Very Easy patterns. This dress literally took about 2-3 hrs to sew and has been my easiest make thus far.
Now, I’ll admit that I was not attracted to the pattern based on the envelope. I mentioned this one in my last pattern haul video and how I actually liked the picture that was in the pattern catalog book. The model was wearing View A in a olive crush velvet. Of course, I had to do the same. These are the results.
I picked up the fabric from Joann. It is stretch, however, it doe not have very good recovery. I learned this while hemming the sleeves. Nonetheless, it still made for a decent quality fabric for this look. This was a win for me after my failed attempt with stretch velvet last year. You can check that blog out here. I learned my lesson, so I exclusively sewed with my walking foot.
As far as styling goes, I kept it simple. I mean, a crush velvet olive green dress is statement enough. So I just paired it with my infamous Jessica Simpson pumps, a contrasting bold lip, and my ever faithful Neesha wig
I will absolutely sew this pattern again soon; however, I’ll hack it for the sleeves the turtleneck and use the bodice for the McCall M7351. You all know that I’m all for fitted and I think that these power sleeves would look amazing with it. They gave me such a Queen Elizabeth vibe. I absolutely love them!

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