I mentioned in my latest review and haul video that my next project would be the Butterick B6242 in view B. Welp, it’s done and here’s the result.
Like all of my patterns, I made some modifications to this look. Partially for aesthetics and partially because I was lazy and wanted to finish faster. The most noticeable thing that I changed with this pattern was the skirt. The pattern has a looser fit, but you know me. I wanted a more tapered look, so I took in the skirt a bit. Another thing that I did differently was the finishing for the neck line and sleeves. The pattern called for bias binding made from the fabric; however my attempt at it was a fail, so I just let that dream go. It also would require a blind stitch and I was not trying to hand stitch. I believe that this omission actually helped make the neckline wider so that I could have a little should action, as opposed to what the pattern envelope showed.
I also omitted the zipper. This fabric had enough stretch that it wasn’t necessary. Also, the zipper is to be installed on the side where the cummerbund is gathered. That would have been a nightmare. I broke a needle trying to finish that edge, so I was not about to see what installing a zipper would be like.
The fabric used for this make is a stretch crepe from Joann. I’m not a red person, but I fell in love with this fabric. I think that it does the pattern well and I’d probably make it again in a black stretch crepe.
My favorite part about this dress are the sleeves. They have an element of surprise on the back side that’s just super chic. 

As for sizing, I think I missed the target again. Here’s the deal… I’ve been losing weight and it’s been throwing off my measurements. I think that the bodice is a bit too big for me here with a size 16, although the finished garment measurements dictated this size. I attempt to mask it by folding it over the cummerbund. Ultimately, I think that the garment came out ok. Of course, there are things that I would change, but it’s an easy make that I could see myself doing again.
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