It’s another Monday, which means another post. This was a super simple make that I’ve done before, but this time I wanted a bit of a tribal twist. There are tons and tons of gathered skirt tutorials out on YouTube, so I won’t bore you with that. Instead, let’s talk about this top…?

This top is from JC Penney, one of the only stores that I shop at for clothes. Besides to New York and Company, my closet is laced with the Worthington brand and other well known JC Penney items that have lasted me for years. It took me a while before I actually thought they sold things worth buying, but now I go straight to them. They have great quality at a reasonable price and I can’t pass that up. What appeals to me most, though, is their inclusion of curvy women. Every other store can fail me, but I can count on JC Penney to come through with some curvy pants that fit or only require minor alterations that I can do myself. Let’s not forget that Tracee Ellis Ross just launched her collection there. So, when I was looking for some pieces for my new work wardrobe, I went right to the Penney. ?
I’ve already done a blog post on saving coins while shopping (find that here), so you guys already know that I went straight to the clearance section. They were having a 50% off clearance and I knew with a little digging, I could find some nice items. This shirt was regularly priced at $36 and when I initially saw it weeks prior, I refused to pay that much for it. To my surprise, I was able to find it in the clearance section when I came back. After the discounts, it was about $5!! Why yes, I’ll take one in black and one in white! Jackpot! Not only was I able to grab this shirt in both colors, but I was able to totally revamp my work wardrobe with 5 pairs of dress pants, several tops, and a sweater for less than $115. Yes, 5 pairs of dress pants, not jeans! Prior to that, I was able to snag a very nice blazer and top for less than $25. So ladies, do not sleep on JC Penney! Also, remember that JC Penney is an Ebates store, so you can get cash back for your online purchases. If you aren’t a member, I truly encourage you to sign up. There’s nothing like those quarterly Ebates’ checks. I’ve made over $175 by just shopping through Ebates for Christmas and for booking travel.
I searched the Internet far and wide to find this shirt for you all, but couldn’t. ? However, I was able to find two that are close: Option 1 and Option 2. In all honesty, you could probably make this, which  is what I was going to do if it didn’t go on sale. The only thing to figure out would be the sleeves. The neckline just has a simple facing.

The skirt fabric is from Michael Levine’s Low Price Fabric. You can find the exact print here. As of yesterday, it was still showing sold out; however, I was able to request this fabric via email after another one that I ordered also sold out. It may be worth calling or emailing to find out if they have more in stock. Now here’s the skinny… This fabric is 45″ in width, so be mindful of that when ordering. Consider how much you’ll need in length and width. I only had enough (2yds) to do a midi skirt. It is cotton, so it’s super easy to sew up.
Before I go, I just want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. I was away from social media for all of last week, but I returned to so many birthday wishes from you all. Thanks so much! 
PS- For those wondering how I still posted on Instagram, I used my favorite app called Apphi that I use for all of my posts. It’s a lifesaver!!

Get the Look

Top |  Option 1 and Option 2
Necklace | NY & Co (Similar)
Shoes | Jessica Simpson Claudette
Lips | MAC Ruby Woo 
Hair | I freehand twisted and pinned some Marley Hair

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