Well, September is here, which means Fall is no longer around corner, but in the neighborhood. ? On September 1st, I was already thinking about cooler weather, fall hues, and pumpkin spice everything! I even switched my lunches from salads to soups. So, this new make was a perfect Fall fix.

The wonderful ladies at LA Finch Fabrics sent me this gorgeous Tamsia Floral Army Green Blousewear Crepe fabric from their fall release to review and I couldn’t have been more excited! I literally squealed when I opened the package and actually saw this fabric in person. As you can see, the print is gorgeous! It is lightweight and semi-sheer with a little stretch. Though lightweight, I felt that I could still use it for a Fall garment, as layering is always an option. In fact, I wore this out with a coordinating magenta blazer. As far as sheer goes, you’d really have to be up close and personal to even slightly see through the fabric. Even with the sun beaming directly through this fabric, you still cannot see through it on my photos.
Ultimately, the flow of the fabric is what made me pair it with the Simplicity 8214 pattern. The great thing about ordering from LA Finch Fabrics is that they include specific garment suggestions in the product description. I have seen this with other vendors, but they are usually vague and duplicated across different products. That really doesn’t help when you’re trying to figure out if it’ll work for your specific project.
Originally,  I was going to hack my McCall M7436 bow blouse pattern to make this dress. However, I realized that I had the Simplicity 8214 in my stash and just went with it. I love the bow neck and there is a discrete little bell cuff. Best of all, there are pockets!! What’s a dress without pockets? Based on the finished garment measurements, I would have been ok with a size 12; however, the smallest size on my pattern package was a 14. Overall, I think that the 14 worked out ok. Although, I clearly need to pull the blouse down in all of these pictures! ? I went with clear buttons, although green would be better concealed with this fabric. For the hem, I used my rolled hem foot.

I haven’t used a Simplicity pattern in a while, so it was interesting to see the difference between their instructions and other brands. It seemed as though the instructions were very detailed than what I was used to– providing explanations for why certain things (like stay stitching) were being done. This made construction very easy.
Of late, it seems as though I’ve had the most peculiar things happen while I’m sewing that ultimately teach me something new about the craft. This week, it was serging a hole in my almost finished garment. I couldn’t even be mad because it was my negligence. I just pulled the thread and went to the drawing board to figure how to fix it. Thankfully, I had seen a video on how to troubleshoot such situations, so I knew exactly what to do. Here’s a clip of how I resolved the issue.

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After fusing the fabric back together, I snipped away the frayed edges to make it smooth and less noticeable. Though I can see the interfacing from the inside of the garment, I had to search to find the mistake on the outside once the garment was on. So, if you ever run into this issue, don’t fret! There’s always a solution.
As for styling, I went very similar to what the model did on the pattern package. I paired the dress with my infamous skinny brown belt and my tan pumps by Jessica Simpson. The belt is completely optional (and was all over the place for this shoot!), as there is a hidden elastic waistband that allows you to blouse the top over the skirt and cinch in the waist. I felt the need to add the belt just to pull the look together with the tan shoes.

All about LA Finch Fabrics

First things first….I LOVE LA Finch Fabrics. I’ve probably said it a million times, but let me explain why. I came across the brand via another sewing blogger and was immediately impressed by the variety of very chic and feminine prints that they carry, and, more importantly, their price point! Because there’s only one local fabric store near me, I’m always on the hunt to find online shops that carry nice prints at a reasonable price. LA Finch provided those options for me.
After checking out their website and following their social media, I decided to purchase their liverpool fabric for both my McCall M7574 dress and my Pinterest inspired maxi dress. From start to finish, it was a seamless transaction with quick shipping time. What I appreciated most about the actual transaction was my ability to use Apple Pay. Sounds random, but I didn’t have to hassle with finding my debit card or logging into Paypal. My purchase was literally just a thumb tap away. Secondly, they immediately provided tracking information. Upon payment, my order was confirmed via email and I received updates once the fabric was shipped and out for delivery. To give you a gauge on time, I ordered on Thursday, July 13th at 11 PM and received my fabric by 5 PM on Monday, July 17th. This is significant because they are based in Los Angeles, CA and I’m in South Carolina. 
There’s no denying the beauty and quality of their products. You all have complimented both pieces made with the liverpool. However, beyond a great product is great customer service. When I received my package, I had a lovely handwritten note, which I showed on Instagram. I’ve purchased tons of fabric online, and trust me, this is the ONLY time I’ve had this happen. Not only that, any interaction that I’ve had with these ladies has been positive and full of heart ? emojis. One thing that I’m beginning to appreciate more with brands is their interaction with consumers on social media. LA Finch Fabrics not only interacts on Instagram, but they also have a Facebook group that highlights the makes of their customers. This sharing and positive promotion is something that I personally enjoy in the sewing community. Be sure to check them out at www.LaFinchFabrics.com and on their social media. Tell them Fo sent you! ?

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