?We Bought our First House?

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It’s been a crazy month of events. From traveling to Wisconsin, to speaking on a prayer call, to my sister getting married, getting sick, and, today, closing on our first home. I’m a tired boss, but not done yet! We still have more events and moving to do, but I definitely won’t complain. I count it all joy, as it’s been a tremendous blessing. Here’s a word of advice for those praying for increase and next level: Be prepared to work! A harvest means reaping and reaping is work. The harvest doesn’t gather itself. So, yes, I’m typing this as I’m fighting a mid-evening nap, but it’s all apart of the harvest.

About this house….

I’ll admit that I’ve been holding this secret in for months. We’ve been under contract since March and chose to delay our closing until today, since it worked for us and the seller. When God has been so great to you, it’s really hard to keep it in. Nonetheless, there are some things you have to just keep to yourself until they come to pass. This was one of them. I’ve come to learn that there are dream snatchers and people who will pray against your promise if they get wind of it. The enemy can only do something with words that are spoken. He can’t read your mind. That’s why its so important to watch your words and who you speak them to! The best thing that you can learn to do is to be quiet about the next season God is bringing you into. I know that I’m on a complete tangent, but there’s always a word of wisdom to be shared. ?

We decided to only share our home buying process with our immediate family and a few friends who had recently purchased homes and were assisting us through the process. In true fashion, we DIY’d our home buying process as well. ? Although it was the first time that either of us has purchased a home, my husband and I decided to do it without a realtor! Don’t worry, I will be doing a video series for those interested in how we did it. I’ll just say that it was one of the most rewarding and educational experiences that I’ve ever had. And, though we’ll probably not do it again in the future, it’s certainly an experience that I’m glad we had. That’s one for the books ✔.

The packing and moving has hindered my sewing, so I can’t wait to finally get my sewing room up and going to share some more projects. I have some BIG things coming that I cannot wait to share, but, of course, I’m keeping my mouth shut for now. ?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll begin a House to Home series on my YouTube channel. I will answer every question that you probably have about our experience– including why we decided to go without a realtor, choosing a lender, and the start of home decor. Written words aren’t always a sufficient form of expression, so you’ll have to check out the videos to get the scoop. So, make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel with the notification enabled to get an email when the videos upload. They’ll only be posted here after they’re uploaded to the channel.

For now, its back to packing (or slacking on the couch). ? If you have any questions that you want me to answer in the House to Home series, please leave them in the comments below.

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