I am back from a refreshing weekend away celebrating my 1-year anniversary. Check out my last blog where I talk about the things I’ve learned from marriage thus far. But, before I left, I whipped of the second item in my Joni Marie Ross inspired spring projects. This one is a two piece peplum top with a fitted skirt.

This is another fabric from my spring fabric haul that I picked up from JoAnn. I mentioned in that post that they did not have enough for me to make the layered vest that Joni has in her collection; however, it was enough for me to draft a skirt and ultimately make a matching peplum top.

For the most part, this whole outfit was self drafted. The only portion that I used a pattern for was the bodice of the top. I used the crop top pattern from my Mimi G Simplicity 1283 pattern. I did a review of this pattern on PatternReview.com, noting how versatile it is. I’ve used it in three of my last four projects. I went with the keyhole back again, using a pretty little button that I found in my button stash…also known as the buttons that came with my shirts and dresses that I’ve collected over the years. I wanted to make the most use of the fabric, so I used what was left to create the peplum. 

The fabric was super easy to sew and the look literally took a few hours altogether– including cutting out the pieces. I originally wanted to save this look for Easter (still may), but I was too excited to share it with you all. 

I paired the outfit with my Ralph Lauren Double Zipper Satchel and my new Jessica Simpson Claudette Pumps. My hair is a 2-day old twist out using some new products. If you’re interested, comment below and I’ll make a post. Remember, if the fabric and my accessories (or something similar) are available online, I’ll always include links at the end of the post under “Create the Look.”

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