I have been wanting to make this skirt since I started sewing. It’s another MimiG inspired look, because we all know that she slays and I’d wear just about anything in her wardrobe. Although it is inspired by her, I did not follow her tutorial. Instead, I winged this one with the help of Eryn of StyleSewMe.com. The fundamentals of Eryn’s maxi skirt is the same as far as how to size and cut your fabric. Everything else was simple construction, installing an invisible zipper, making a sash, and installing inseam pockets. I drafted my own pocket pattern after watching this DIY inseam pocket tutorial.

Constructing this skirt was my first time gathering fabric, so I also used StyleSewMe’s gathering technique found in her maxi skirt video. I’ll go ahead and tell you that she makes it look so simple in her video, but this was the hardest part of constructing the skirt for me. Invisible zipper– breeze. Getting that string to stay in place and not get caught by the needle was another beast to conquer. Like all things, I’m sure it comes with practice.

Being as this was my first time making this skirt, I did make some rookie mistakes. The most obvious one being not gathering my fabric evenly. As a result, one of my pockets didn’t end up centered on my side– though, you can’t really tell. I also missed a few pieces of my gathering at my waist line, but again, unless you’re all up in my space, you can’t tell. I’ve considered trying to correct both, but 1. it’s a hassle and 2. its a great baseline to show how far I progress, as I do intend on making this skirt again.

For this look, I went with a burgundy Polyester Shantung fabric that I purchased from Amazon. Here’s a penny saving tip on buying fabric online: Some fabric websites, like Fabric.com, sell through Amazon at a cheaper cost per yard and with free shipping that you don’t need Prime for. So if you find a fabric on a website, do yourself a favor and check out Amazon as well. You may be able to save a few pennies. Though they don’t guarantee 2-day shipping, I’ve gotten my fabric in 2-3 days. If you aren’t a fan of Amazon, I’d recommend signing up for Ebates so that you can get cash back from other fabric websites. Ebates currently offers 3% cash back for purchases on Fabric.com and 1% from Joann. I acquired all other items (interfacing, zipper, thread) from my local fabric store.

Create the Look!
Pattern – Self drafted
Material – Polyester Shantung Burgundy Fabric
Top – Dress from H&M

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