So, I’ll admit that this technically isn’t my first DIY project of the 52. The first was a failed attempt at “free sewing” some minnie tap pants inspired by EVIE la LUVE. Despite the fact that they didn’t come out as gorgeous as hers, I was able to learn my way around my sewing machine and serger and a learned a ton about fabrics that fray. In a nutshell, just stay away from them. Nonetheless, the novice in me just adored the fabric and went for it anyway. It was a cheap fail, thankfully, due to all of the holiday sales. I’d call it an overall win for learning.

Ultimately, I had to create a “pick me up” so that I wouldn’t give up on sewing after the first try. I had gone in with the intent of making (and designing) fitness closes, because it’s so hard to find pants that fit curves. Let’s just say, small waste with junk in the trunk. I decided that since this was my original intent, I’d better get to sewing up some yoga pants. Originally, I was going to attempt to follow the pattern of some pants that i already own, but after my first flop, I decided to purchase a pattern. Hooray for another sale item!

I picked up the Simplicity #8212 pattern from my local fabric store. I chose this pattern primarily because of the high waist options. This is a must for curvier women! Who wants to moon the class during downward dog?? Not me. So, I picked up this baby and went not he hunt for fabric.

Prior to even choosing the pattern, I had already done some research on workout fabrics– lycra/spandex, tricot, etc. So when I stumbled across the activewear section in the store, I was beyond excited. My eyes immediately drifted toward this beautiful pattern (among others). The richness of the purples and blues just makes me all giggly inside. After denying myself the joy of grabbing four different ones, I settled on this one and made a mental (and mobile) note of the others that I’d purchase later. Barring, of course, I was able to successfully make this pattern.

This fabric is absolutely stunning!


As the name implies, the pattern was very simple. After figuring out my first boo boo (incorrectly matching my notches), I was off without a hitch. The pattern states that it can be done on a serger, but since this was a trial and error piece, I went with the conventional sewing machine in case I needed to undo. I can always for back and finish the seam allowances with the sergers, which is what I intend on doing.

I grabbed 2 yards just in case, but the style that I chose only required 17/8. I plan on using the remainder to create a swimsuit. I’ll document that project as well.

This was my first time working with stretch fabrics, so I wasn’t sure exactly what (if any) pre-shrinking needed to be done. I decided to give it a wash the night before using it and letting it air dry. I figured that that would be the least harm that I could do to it. After reading a few blogs, it seems as though this wasn’t necessary. Unfortunately, of all of the fabrics that I was drooling over, I neglected to get a picture of the blend and care instructions. Rookie mistake. If my memory serves me correctly, it is about and 80/20 poly spandex blend.

The smallest, yet most difficult piece for me was the elastic band. That is definitely an art form that I have to learn. There is just an interesting (and difficult) balance between stretching the band while maintaining a straight stitch.

There was nothing special required for the pattern, unless you choose to use a serger, which in and of itself is a special piece of equipment. You may have an stretch needle, if not, it is recommended.

This took me anywhere from 5-6 hours to complete. This was mostly cutting and ironing the pattern, pinning, and working with a rotary cutter for the first time. The sewing was very quick, and I’d estimate less than an hour. Much of my time was also spent correcting my notch matching mistake and my attempt and altering the pattern.

Overall, I’m please with the outcome. Next time, I’ll likely go with a compression fabric and make some adjustments to that its fits a little more snug. Let me know how I did!

Share your pattern recommendations below!